Given the recent acts of violence in various areas of the country, the government of Peru, represented by the Constitutional President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, has called on citizens to work for social peace, through dialogue and commitment with respect for the constitutional norms and laws of the Peruvian State.

In democracy, the Peruvian State ensures respect for all current constitutional rights, as well as the full exercise of freedom of movement and opinion. Traveling through Peru is a unique experience, for that very reason, taking tours through various regions deserves a special space for tranquility and enjoyment of the unique landscapes of Peru.

The Tourist Protection Network (La Red) maintains constant communication with its strategic allies (tour operators, tourism agencies and formal transport services), monitoring those actions that may affect tourism. The support of the Directorate of Tourism of the National Police of Peru – PNP, contributes to prevent any inconvenience to national and foreign tourists, as well as to be attentive to any emergency that may surge.

In addition, the following form https://forms.office.com/r/RYXYgzJU3G is available for the identification and location of any tourist in need of assistance as a result of social protests in the country.

National and foreign tourists also have at their disposal the Tourist Police Perú application, which can be downloaded on cell phones and computers, also, in coordination with the Tourism Police and IPERÚ, in the event of any report or emergency, the following telephone numbers are available for attention: POLTUR Central Lima 01 4601060; IPERÚ WhatsApp +51 944492314; as well as the e-mails ep.bo1717653870g.rut1717653870ecnim1717653870@atsi1717653870rutla1717653870noicc1717653870etorp1717653870 and ep.bo1717653870g.ure1717653870pmorp1717653870@urep1717653870i1717653870

It is worth mentioning that the government is open to dialogue on a permanent basis, so we are sure that normality will be soon restored for all those who wish to know and move around Peru.